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Zen Garden Plate Round Mini Garden Planter Desktop Garden

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This is a “cement” 9.5 inch by 1 inch Tall round dish plate to hold your Zen mini garden.

Please note that the shipping is high due to the unpacked weight of the plate is 2lbs 14 oz, packed for shipping is a total 3.75 pounds, but well worth it to have a solid plate to hold your mini garden, we also are now using the plates for holders of our fairy themed gardens.

“Mini Zen gardens are beautiful and serve a calming purpose. In Japanese culture, they represent rivers. That is why they are used to promote meditation and finding your inner peace.” We found this to be true while we were at home during covid & started researching and doing our own mini Zen Gardens.  “The sand or gravel symbolizes water, and, in nature, water usually has ripples. So all the patterns drawn in the sand – circular and line patterns – represent the ripple effects. If water droplets fall into a calm river, there will be circular ripples. If there is wind, you will see lines. And circular ripples always form around rock outcrops in the water.”

Accessories are not included and only shown to give you ideas. Items sold as a set will say so in our listings. This listing is for the round plate dish holder only


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