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Witch's Brew Essential Oil

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Moody Myrrh and Mugwort. Our most popular oil for a reason. Never underestimate the power of a witch on a mission.

Some general uses for this product: Use in your laundry. Add to your floor wash . Put some in your shoes. For your altar. Put in a diffuser. 10 ml Dropper bottle.

Blends are skin safe.

Not for internal use.

Get your "Witch" on with the Coventry Creations Witch's Brew oils and honor your inner witch!

Thank goodness times are changing and our sisters can declare their witchiness without deadly persecution. Even though Witch’s Brew Oils are packaged with a whimsical air the Witch’s Brew product are seriously powerful.

The recipes come from the Coventry Creations team personal spell casting experiences and are blended with sumptuous scents to create products that are chock full of witchy goodness.

The gorgeous scent of the Witch's Brew oils must be experienced at least once in your life. Made with exotic magical oils such as dragon’s blood, mug wort, frankincense and myrrh, these oil blends help focus and intensify your magic.

Each one is labeled with inspiring words in an empowering spell.

Don’t worry, the Coventry Creations team has left lots of room for your own crafting touch

  • Please take special care when using essential oils, candles, melts, tarts or any scented products around children, pets and especially around birds and parrots. Do not place near flammable objects such as curtains, walls, etc. Place only on a protected, heat resistant, level surface. Keep candle free of wick trimmings, matches, or other foreign matter that could be a fire hazard. Avoid burning in drafts. This will cause candle to burn more quickly and unevenly. Please never walk around with lit candles. Please trim wicks to 1/4 inch at all times to avoid carbon build up on the wick. Before using any essential oil or aroma diffusing please check with your trusted medical professional before use. No information posted on this site is meant to be used or taken as medical advice.
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