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Rhapsody of Flowers Nene Thomas Fairy Figurine

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Rhapsody of Flowers fairy figurine is simply amazing from Nene Thomas. There are a multitude of gorgeous yellow daffodils, an orange tulip and myriad orange primrose flowers blooming all about the gorgeously magic little fairy. A beautiful orange, yellow and brown butterfly is on the ground at her feet feeding on the intoxicating nectar of the small flowers. The lovely fairy has flowing brown tresses featuring a silver hair barrette where her hair is pulled back on the left side of her face showing her tiny pointed fairy ears. There is a jeweled headdress at her forehead with a tiny red gemstone. Her fairy costume features a corset style bodice and a flowing skirt with off the shoulder flowing sleeves. There are small designs in the fabric of her dress and a lovely gold trim at the edges. She has a golden wrap around bracelet on her left arm and a lace garter belt on her left thigh.

This gorgeous fairy figurine, by artist Nene Thomas, measures 6 inches tall and will make you feel like spring comes every day at your home plus she includes her own gift box.

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