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Hanging 30mm Crystal Chakra with Multi Butterfly & Stones Suncatcher Ornament

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Handmade Crystal Chakra Suncatcher with Stones features a 30mm crystal ball (sphere) with a multi color butterfly. The handmade Suncatcher ornament averages 140mm from the bottom of the crystal sphere to the top of the stones - each one is handmade and may vary slightly from pictures.

Note: we do NOT sell or use K9 or Chinese Crystal; we use Austrian or Australian crystal only for maximum brilliance and the best cuts possible for optic's and arrays to be obtained.

Please do NOT send us offers at the level of K9 & chinese pricing, we know that it is hard (very hard) to see the value online of the different types of crystal, but we are assured you will not be disappointed in the level of the crystal suncatcher and chandelier crystal replacement quality our crystal's deliver.  Please feel free with contact us with any additional questions.

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